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Dear Productivity…

We all struggle with it. Everyone of us. You are either a normal human being wanting to work smarter and not harder, or – if you are anything like me – a productivity nerd who wants to push the limits. Regardless, there is always more to learn on how to focus better, control the time and get more done faster.

Here are some articles worth reading:

8 ways to get more done as a Small-Business Owner by The Hardford (entrepreneur.com)

14 of the Best Morning Routine Hacks Proven to Boost Productivity by Carolyn Sun (entrepreneur.com)

My personal productivity tips:

Batch! Say no to almost everything! Only worry about things you can control. Pick fun assignments and you won’t be procrastinating. Do the thing that will bother you for the rest of your day first!

If you have tips of your own, let me know at magdalena@creativity.house

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